Not Your Average Plumber! Hear How He Beats Diabetes

Scott A. Talks With Drew


Quick Stats:

    • Full Name Scott A
    • Age 36
    • Location Baltimore Md
    • Occupation plumber
    • Highest Education trade school
    • Family 3 kids only see in summer and Christmas breaks
  • Short Term Fitness Goals: lose diabetes
  • Long Term Fitness Goals :keep away diabetes
  • Who Inspires You and Why? Eddy at my gym he is one of 12 kids and 11 of his brothers and sisters have diabetes.  Eddy worked out for 30 years and is the only one that does not have it.
  • Favorite Healthy Meal egg white,  oats pancakes
  • Favorite Cheat Meal pasta
  • Favorite Exercise  dumbbell press
  • Bench Press 1 Rep Max  215
  • Current Weight 221lbs  15% body fat
  • Previous Weight 225lbs  27%body fat
  • Target Weight none just want to eliminate my diabetes.

20131118_221857-1When Did you start training

November 2012

What is your typical workout split and how did you come about choosing it?
  1 hr Treadmill every day 3 to 4 miles
1 hour weights
Chest, back
 Legs and abs
Thursday Cardio 3 hours
1 hour Treadmill
1 hour kickboxing class
1 hour spin class
relax day no gym
light weight high rep class
What is your philosophy upon losing weight and leaning out?
I train with sets  15, 12, 10
Only change my training style when have someone to workout with.
Is there anyone you immolate out of respect for there contribution in fitness or health ?
Ct Fletcher is someone that inspires me.  With Dana Bailey working her ass off to win miss Olympia try to immolate the dedication she has for her fitness.
How often do you do Cardio? And what types of cardio do you prefer and why?
Cardio everyday prefer cycling but does not burn enough calories.
Run on Treadmill or stair climber burns a lot of calories faster.
What type of music do you listen to while training?
Find myself listing to everything. Can say listen to anything I can sing along.
What advice would you give other guys who are looking to lose weight and just get healthy?
It’s allot harder to talk about getting started than it is to just get started and see results fast. Than You become addicted and is not a diet any more it’s a lifestyle! !
What is your best body part?
 Legs probably best body part. 20131022_162758
What do you have planned for the future?

Keep diabetes behind me start losing the visceral fat (beer belly) and start looking for my muscle to develop.




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