Meet Network Engineer Ismael

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Full Name:   Ismael Aguayo

Nick Name 😦Ish, Izzy)

Current weight 169lbs

Age: 23

Location: Sacramento, CA

Occupation: Network Engineer

Highest Education: Bachelor Degree (Computer Science)

Short Term Fitness Goals: Compete in a natural bodybuilding competition and also fight in my first amateur fight.

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Long Term Fitness Goals: To eventually become a personal trainer and help others get in excellent shape. Also, I would like to win 1st place in a Bodybuilding competition.

Who Inspires You and Why?  I honestly get my inspiration from personal friends, Matt Ogus, Chris Lavado and Alberto Nunez and last but not least my trainer Alfredo Gaeta. These gentlemen inspire my fitness life because of how they put any fitness hoax or bro-science myth to rest with scientific facts and consistency. They teach me to not believe in the science of yesteryear and to focus on what works and what has been proven. With the help of these guys, hard work and dedication they are truly helping me reach limits I would of never thought of reaching. Special thanks to (3DMJ, Legends of Aesthetics, CityBoyMuscle on ig) for keeping me focused, motivated and hungry for more.

Favorite Healthy Meal: My morning Oatmeal with a serving of Fiber One cereal perfect pre/post-workout meal

Favorite Cheat Meal: PANCAKES!!!!!! PIZZA!!!! And COOKIES!!!!!

Favorite Exercise: Dead Lifts & Bench Press

1 Rep MaxBench Press/ Deadlift/ Squat BP:255lbs DL:315lbs SQ:300lbs

Former weight /Current Weight/ Goal weight: Old Weight: 193lbs (post acl surgery)

Current weight: 169lbs

Goal weight :160-165

Q1. When did you start training? : Post ACL Surgery April 22, 2013

Q2.  Can you give us an example of your split and typical exercises you do for each day. My typical Workout split consists of a mixture of Legs on Monday, chest and shoulders Tuesdays, Back n Lats Wednesday, Core and Cardio Thursdays, Legs Friday (again) and Shoulders and Arms Saturdays.

Q.3 .Favorite three exercises

Dead Lifts- Because they burn a great amount of Calories

Squats- Because working out legs can release more HGH than any other muscle group.

Push-ups- Because it benefits other muscle groups other than Chest.

Q4. What works best for you as far as training?  When focusing on building muscle or leaning out it’s hard to just focus on the weights sets/reps, I am a firm believer of macro nutrients and how big of a part they play in the process of building muscle or leaning out. I can lift heavy weight but be low on macros and still lean out, also if I wanted to build muscle I would up my protein intake and carbs and lift heavier focus more on the techniques of power lifters. If I wanted to lean out I would cut back on my carbs, keep my fats a little lower than normal and keep my protein intake the same or maybe a little less depending on my current weight.

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Q5. Who in the fitness industry inspires you?  Legends of Aesthtics, Team 3DMJ, Gym Shark and CityBoyMuscle

Q6. How often do you do Cardio? And what types of cardio do you prefer and why? I do cardio twice or three times a week and it is usually some kind of HIIT training (i.e. Sprints, run stairs, Plyometrics etc) because I have to keep my cardio vascular system strong for boxing, but sometimes I switch it up to moderate cardio so I don’t burn off too much muscle mass.

 Q7. What type of music do you listen to while training? Salsa Music, electronic, And 50cent (rap)

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Q8. What advice would you give other men and women trying to get in shape? Remember that Rome was not built in a day, it takes time and consistency just keep working hard for your goal and you’re bound to reach it. It’s a fact. J

Q9. What is your best body part? My Legs, Shoulders

Q.10 what is your favorite quote? “Many people dream of success, others wake up and work hard at it.”

Q11. What do you have planned for the future? To fight in my first amateur fight and also become a natural bodybuilder and compete in a competition and win 1st place.

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