Eddie Horne

60349_470814483553_504828553_6532312_5248507_n Full Name- Eddie Horne
OccupationUS Army Sniper 2006-2013
Highest Education-Currently in college finishing my Marketing Degree
Awards-Soldier of the Year, Combat Infantryman Badge
Short Term Fitness Goals– To get my weight back to 190lbs
Long Term Fitness Goals– I would like to run a marathon, be featured in a major magazine representing the US Army and Open my own strength and power facility.
Who Inspires You and Why?– My family because they are the most important in my life. I want my daughters Evie and Audrie, my son Dallas and my wife Brittany to be even more proud of me even after the military is over.
Favorite Healthy Meal-Baked Salmon smothered in Lemon Juice, half a head of raw broccoli, 2 Cups of raw spinach, Shredded cheddar and one baked yam.
Favorite Cheat Meal-A double bacon cheese burger from 5 Guys with an Extra large order of french fries and slice of cheese cake with a vanilla shake.
Favorite Exercise– Squats
 1 Rep MAX Bench Press/ Deadlift/ Squat – Bench 345/Deadlift 450/Squat 415
Former weight 155
Current Weight 170
 Goal weight 185


When did you start training? I started seriously weight training in Iraq 2006, before then i was always a runner and did light weights.
  What is your typical workout split and how did you come about choosing it?
My typical workout split is a 5 day focus split right now: Mon (Chest and Upper abs), Tues (Legs and Lower Abs), Weds (Shoulders and Obliques), Thurs (Back and Upper Abs), Friday (Tri’s/ Bi’s and Lower Abs), Saturday/Sunday (rest). Mon/Weds/Fri-Cardio for 30 min.
On all days I always always always start with the Core Exercises. I chose this split because I found it doesnt take as much time to complete the workout compared to doing 2 major muscle groups and this way I can focus on the things I am weaker in to get a nice balance.
If you had to pick only three exercises what would they be and why. Bench, Squat and Hang Clean and Press. I would choose those 3 because if those were the only 3 exercises i could do they would hit total core to maintain my fitness. Those exercises target every major muscle group you need to keep a good balance.
  When you train what is your philosophy upon building muscle and leaning out?
 When I train the best thing for building muscle is eating well and tracking your workouts. I don’t like going to failure every set, I only go to muscle failure about every 4th week in my cycle. I tend to track percentages or pounds with sets and reps from previous weeks. I typically change my split style every 10-12 weeks, I think if you change too quickly you aren’t able to track progress and sometimes muscle groups get neglected.
 Who in the fitness industry inspires you? And is there anyone you immolate out of respect for their contribution in bodybuilding or health and fitness?
While I was in Iraq I always followed Ronnie Coleman and Georges St-Pierre. Young Arnold Schwarzenegger was just ridiculous. I think everyone looks at him and the type of body he was able to attain even when they didn’t have all the technology and research we have today. I bet at some point everyone learned something from Arnold. 10-63272EEA-97963-960
  How often do you do Cardio?
I do Cardio 3 or 4 times a week. I mainly run either distance or interval sprints because I am not trying to be a bodybuilder nor do I want to be a slim marathon runner. I just want to reach max potential in strength, speed, power and endurance. I want the nice muscular look but also want to stay shredded.
What type of music do you listen to while training?
I listen to fast tempo music with hard base. Mainly rock, rap or metal.
 What advice would you give other men and women trying to get in shape and completely transform their bodies?
Its about diet and mental attitude. I get people to ask me for workouts all the time but if they dont eat right and have a negative attitude or have little motivation the workouts will not work. They have to really want it for themselves. Fitness is not about just looking good but about mental strength and confidence. That mental strength and confidence will always transfer over into your everyday life. If you are a beginner don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice because we were all there we we first started. Most of all don’t get embarrassed, you are doing this for yourself and the end result is very rewarding.
 What is your best body part?
Its hard to say, I get many compliments on my chest and abs.
what is your favorite quote?
 The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
Martin Luther King Jr.
 What do you have planned for the future? 
I plan to finish my career in the military, and hopefully when I retire I will open my own gym.10-07B315AE-92466-960

Google: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100686319196729212754/posts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/fam_first1985

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eddie.horne.7?fref=ts 


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