Cut or Bulk ?

Bulk Or Cut And The Forever Struggle!!


If you’ve been working out for more than 2 years you’ve definitely asked yourself this question before. Do I stuff myself with endless amounts of protein and carbs every two hours. Or do i weigh every crumb on my food scale until my quad separation is deep enough to put even the great Greek God Hercules to shame.

Well this is pretty simple you have to have a happy medium you need to be in a surplus of calories to grow. But how much is too much and how much is just enough to not lose gains.You can scour the internet looking for the answer like I have for years. Or you could listen to me and my 20 years of experience ,researching it , trial an error and just plain winging it from time to time. As you could guess with my past comment the answer to me is neither.

Finding that middle ground ,that specific calorie surplus that allows for minimal fat gain but allows you to put on muscle. Its different for everyone and to find it can be very scientific or it can be very simple. Im guessing you want the simple approach right? So here is how you find it  Body Weight (lbs) x 14-17 = Estimated Daily Calorie Maintenance Level that should give you a general starting point.  Once you get your number you can begin.  Ill use mine as an example ( 176 lbs x15=2640) Now thats a little high and Im actually around 2400.  14 , 15 16 or 17 is a number you use to base your daily expenditure. Women and men with the metabolism of a slug should use 14. Now someone using the number 17 would generally have a manual labor job or an extremely high metabolism  (or hard gainer). But you get the point. Next so lets say I was trying to put on some size. I would need to increase my surplus to around 250 calories a day over the course of a month thats 2 lbs gained. Now you can be more aggressive depending on your metabolism. But remember we are trying for minimal  fat gain. I’ll go into specific macronutrients and how to tailor those to your specific gains in later article. Pay attention to your progress with a fine tooth comb. There are tons of apps out that can help with this.


A good app My Maros + will help with this now it does cost $2.99 but its a great investment, and no Im in no way affiliated with the creator. But it would be nice hint hint.








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