Cortisol? What is it and the reason your fat!

Lets talk about why your not losing fat. Now we can assume your eating right , exercising and doing everything right. Notice I said assume , now we all know what they say about assuming but indulge me for just a bit. If this sounds about right lets look at something else that could be causing that stubborn body fat to stick around.

Cortisol is the name of the hormone, that is life sustaining  and essential to the maintenance of homeostasis . Its sometimes referred to as the stress hormone but it has many functions . Now in this modern day that we live in we have a million and one things that stress us out,  our jobs, kids, mortgage and losing fat to add to the already never ending list. It may seem next to impossible to get away from stress but you need to, because its killing your progress . Now this may seem unrealistic but its doable. So take a breath  pray and read some scripturesPhilippians-4-6

Now for what you’ve been waiting for the tip of the day to help with physically  managing your stress. Here are few tips that will help with lowering cortisol levels and promoting fat loss.


Eating frequently and eating slowly

So you’ve heard it before you have to eat between 2-4 hrs of every meal to ensure your metabolism is firing on all cylinders. But which is it 2 , 3 or 4 hours. Well it depends on how many meals you eat throughout the day how much you eat and how long your going to be up during the day.

12 hrs a day 5 meals eat every 2hrs 12 hrs a day 6 meals eat every 2hrs
14 hrs a day 5 meals eat every 2/1/2 hrs 14 hrs a day 6 meals eat every 2/1/2 hrs
16 hrs a day 5 meals eat every 3 hrs 16 hrs a day 6 meals eat every 3 hrs

This is very important because the longer you have between meals the higher your cortisol levels will rise. You want to remember you body is designed to work optimally and survive anything. So the longer you go between meals the more you body holds on to fat. The other tip to note is the speed at which you consume your nutrients. You have to be sure to eat slow enough to allow your body mainly your brain to receive the message that your full.  The stomach actually takes 20 minutes to “figure out” that it’s full


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