Time and Training

Training made simple

There are 168 hours in a week. If you train during five of them, that leaves 163 hours to possibly undo anything you achieved in the gym, so how about giving at least a passing nod to eating right? I suggest that learning the basics of cooking – as simple as learning to use a knife, a slow cooker, and a grill, along with some proactive shopping – will do as much for you as the next great “secret” training protocol. I like to use the word secret or special but in actuality there is nothing special or secret about whats in this article. You need  good ol fashion dedication and will power.

Tools of the trade

So you want to invest in a slow cooker first this will make meal prep and cooking in those last-minute  situations a breeze. You can make all types of meals  with a slow cooker. Just throw some chicken and some vegetables with your favorite seasonings for a few hours and let it cook over night. Next on the list is a George Foreman grill or another name brand like Hamilton Beach also another modern-day technology that cuts cooking in half or a 1/4. Your also going to need a rice cooker which you should have already guessed. These three items will help with the ultimate goal of  ensuring the 163 other hours of the week that you’re not training are simple.


Well this is going to be short if you’ve read the above paragraph you should already know what tools your going to need. Next your going to create 4- 6 meals a day for the duration of your week. This is where I’m going to leave something for the imagination to pull out. But if you have no clue what I’m talking about go ahead and read one of my previous articles Cut or Bulk ?  This will help you determine how much of the food your going to need to reach your desired goal.

The next time you say you can’t reach your goal and you’re doing everything right. Remember you may be screwing it all up. Timing is everything and if you don’t plan and prepare then your planning to fail.


If you have any questions or want any additional help in reaching you goals. Please feel free to email me at cityboymuscle@gmail.com



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