Genetics, poor training and improper training

You’ve either heard it or said it before:

I have bad genetics… MaybeScreenshot 2017-05-30 13.35.30

I train everyday ….You shouldn’t

I train very intense….Doubt it 

They just wont grow …… Wrong

Bad Genetics

I don’t believe any genetic are bad now there are differences that require different training  focuses but their si no such thing as bad genetics. Now there are high calves and full calves. That’s what determines i guess were the term bad/good genetics comes from. If you have  high calves you might fall into the category of so-called bad genetics and if you have a low insertion of the Gastrocnemius and a little soleus mass you might have so-called good genetics. But both of these make ups need to be trained pretty much the same way to increase the maximum potential for calve development.


Poor Training

Do you train calves everyday now if that’s the case then you may have to rethink your training philosophy . I mean would you train chest everyday or back or quads so why are you training calves every day. What I mean by this is you can’t possibly be traing calves with the same ferocity that you are those other body parts. Think about when you see someone training calves in the gym, are they on their phone speeding through the workout as if their on one of the dreaded torture devices ( cardio machines). Or are they focused and making a conscious decision to make the mind muscle connection we hear so much about Lets face it I bet you have a descent size pair lats download.jpgor shoulders or a huge chest but your running around here looking like Johnny Bravo



Improper training

So lets not attack what you’ve been doing wrong obviously if your reading this you know you need help.Here ive put to gether some of the best workouts for calves that will definitely have you wishing youd found my blog ages ago. Also its important to note you can tweak this program a little if you need more gastro or soleus but always remember a well-balanced approached is always best.

Before We Begin:
1. Perform 1 or 2 warm-up sets of 15-20 reps on the first movement.
2. Rest only 30 to 45 seconds in between sets (utilize a watch if needed).
3. Do different calf moves each session.
4. Always keep the toes pointed straight ahead none of that feet in and feet pointing out crap.
Week 1:
Its back to the basics using your current routine.  Your not going to do anything new just focus on the muscle stretch and contract and get that sought-after full range of motion. You want to keep a tempo 4/2/1: 4 second stretch on the bottom half of the exercise whether it be standing , seated , or single left calf raises.
Weeks 2 and 3:
Increase frequency to twice per week. Pick two moves and perform four sets each, 15-25 reps with three days in between sessions. Remember if we are training effectively this will be more than enough.
Weeks 4 and 5:
Increase frequency to three times per week. Pick two moves and perform three sets of one and two sets of another, 15-20 reps with one day of rest in between each session.
Weeks 6 and 7:
Increase frequency to four times per week. Pick two moves of two sets each, 10-15 reps with two days on, one-off and two days on. (For example: Sunday, Monday Wednesday, Thursday).
Weeks 8 and 9:
Kick it up a notch to five times per week. Pick one move for three sets, 15-25 reps any five days of the week.
Here are few examples of the exercise what they work and your ticket to impressive calves to say the least.
Overall Calf Development
  • Standing calf raise: 4 sets x 15-20 reps
  • Seated calf raise: 4  sets x15-20  reps
  • Single leg calf raise: 4 sets x15-20  reps
  • Tibialis raise: 4 sets x 15-20 reps

Gastrocnemius Focus

  • Standing calf raise: 3-5 sets x15-20  reps
  • Leg press calf raise: 3-5 sets x15-20  reps
  • Single leg calf raise: 3 sets x15-20  reps
  • Tibialis raise: 3 sets x15-20 reps

Soleus Focus

  • Seated calf raise: 3-5 sets x15-20  reps
  • Leg press calf raise (bent leg): 3-5 sets x15-20 reps
  • Tibialis raise: 4 sets x15-20  reps
  • Seated calf raise: 3 sets x15-20  reps

If you want more specialized workouts specific for your goals ,email me @


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