About Me


When I started my bodybuilding career 20 years ago, at 12, I didn’t know much about diet at all. I  started out with two 12 lb dumbbells and a sand olympic weight set in my cramped room I shared with my brother. I focused all of my efforts on building my body but neglected my lower body for years. Shame on me is right. I made the mistake of continuing on this trend for about 10 years shortly after I realized this was the reason why I never grew anymore  and was at a stand still in my progression. Once I realized what i needed to do i decided to go to war. I laced up my boots and joined the Army. Three kids , a wife ,two wars and 10 years later Im back at it. I survived the military and live to tell about it.  I worked my butt off to bring up my lagging body parts. In 2016 I competed in the  NMA’s Peach State Classic and took 2nd overall and 1st in my weight class. The dust is still settling on if and when ill compete again. mainly because as I learn more and more their is so much more to human body and fitness than just competing in shows.  Now I’ve dieted many times and done various crazy things you read in articles , like cutting carbs, intermitting fasting and doing a rain dance after every meal. But one thing I’ve learned is that there re many different ways to reach a goal. The beauty or idea behind it and what i hope to bring to my readers is that you have to learn what works for you.. Ive taken this very serious over the course of my life so far. Im constantly reading and researching the latest trends and saying on top of my education in biomechanics physiology and staying accredited and certified as  Trainer.

I contribute all of my success to consistency in the gym and in the kitchen. I’ve made it a priority to have a well-rounded lifestyle. While bodybuilding is one of my passions, it’s not stopping me from doing other things that I love! Becoming the type o man that can do it all, that’s my goal.


Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up playing  football and Track & Field. I have a beautiful family that I am very proud of and despite many accomplishments in my life they are top on the list.

I encourage anyone who sees me, follows me, or knows me, to always say Hi! I love meeting and talking with people who are interested in what I do!

Ill add more as time goes on………..

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