Macro tracking  and will it work for you?

There are many roads to take to achieve a shredded physique. Let's look at what this means if you're trying to get shredded for your next show or even a vacation.   Let's take a look at getting shredded.  There is a lot of scrutiny about how to lose fat and gain muscle these days.  … Continue reading Macro tracking  and will it work for you?


Eddie Horne

 Full Name- Eddie Horne Age-28 Location-Cleveland, Ohio Occupation-US Army Sniper 2006-2013 Highest Education-Currently in college finishing my Marketing Degree Awards-Soldier of the Year, Combat Infantryman Badge Short Term Fitness Goals- To get my weight back to 190lbs Long Term Fitness Goals- I would like to run a marathon, be featured in a major magazine representing … Continue reading Eddie Horne

Ultimate Soldier Challenge – U.S. Rangers vs. British RAF


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Ultimate Soldier Challenge – U.S. Rangers vs. British RAF

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Daryl Sawyer Jr

Quick Stats: Full Name: Daryl Sawyer JrAge: 29(8/1/84) Location: Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Assistant Manager Rent-A-Center, Deliveries, Credit, Collections Highest Education: Some College Awards: Being a proud veteran Short Term Fitness Goals: Final bulk to 190 Long Term Fitness Goals: Physique Competition Winner Who Inspires You and Why? I'm inspired by people, ordinary people who push … Continue reading Daryl Sawyer Jr

How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Muscle ?

Protein?  How much protein a day do you need to build muscle? Protein is one of the essential nutrients we take in through our diets. How much protein a person should consume depends on several factors, including his age, weight and lifestyle. Proteins are the basic building blocks of our body.Muscles, ligaments, hair and skin … Continue reading How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Muscle ?

Insane Secret To A Flat Stomach

“STOMACH VACUUMS” SECRETS FOR A SLIMMER STOMACH  This is one of those hidden abdominal workout secrets that have been passed down from fitness legends of the past such as Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many bodybuilders in their time knew and used often this tip and many other tips for a flatter stomach. The tip … Continue reading Insane Secret To A Flat Stomach