Macro tracking  and will it work for you?

There are many roads to take to achieve a shredded physique. Let's look at what this means if you're trying to get shredded for your next show or even a vacation.   Let's take a look at getting shredded.  There is a lot of scrutiny about how to lose fat and gain muscle these days.  [...]


Eddie Horne

 Full Name- Eddie Horne Age-28 Location-Cleveland, Ohio Occupation-US Army Sniper 2006-2013 Highest Education-Currently in college finishing my Marketing Degree Awards-Soldier of the Year, Combat Infantryman Badge Short Term Fitness Goals- To get my weight back to 190lbs Long Term Fitness Goals- I would like to run a marathon, be featured in a major magazine representing [...]

Ultimate Soldier Challenge – U.S. Rangers vs. British RAF


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Ultimate Soldier Challenge – U.S. Rangers vs. British RAF

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Daryl Sawyer Jr

Quick Stats: Full Name: Daryl Sawyer JrAge: 29(8/1/84) Location: Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Assistant Manager Rent-A-Center, Deliveries, Credit, Collections Highest Education: Some College Awards: Being a proud veteran Short Term Fitness Goals: Final bulk to 190 Long Term Fitness Goals: Physique Competition Winner Who Inspires You and Why? I'm inspired by people, ordinary people who push [...]

How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Muscle ?

Protein?  How much protein a day do you need to build muscle? Protein is one of the essential nutrients we take in through our diets. How much protein a person should consume depends on several factors, including his age, weight and lifestyle. Proteins are the basic building blocks of our body.Muscles, ligaments, hair and skin [...]