Front Squats

When it comes to growing your legs you need to put in some serious work! Front Squats are one of my absolute hated because they make me so uncomfortable. But this  exercises is used  for building and developing the legs. Because of the positioning Front Squats force you to be in you are able to … Continue reading Front Squats


Clean Bulking

So what is the proper way to bulk should you eat everything insight or treat your bulk season as intricate as you do your maintaining phase or cutting phase. Okay now we all know the guy who uses every excuse during the bulk season to eat everything in their vicinity. There excuse is usually bro … Continue reading Clean Bulking

Why You Are Not Making Progress!

To Get Something You've Never Had Before You Must Be Willing To Do Something You Have Never Done Before Many people notice that they go through periods of their life when it is difficult and almost impossible to make any progress in regards to size or strength. In these periods it is important to keep … Continue reading Why You Are Not Making Progress!

Meet Network Engineer Ismael

Full Name:   Ismael Aguayo Nick Name :(Ish, Izzy) Current weight 169lbs Age: 23 Location: Sacramento, CA Occupation: Network Engineer Highest Education: Bachelor Degree (Computer Science) Short Term Fitness Goals: Compete in a natural bodybuilding competition and also fight in my first amateur fight. Long Term Fitness Goals: To eventually become a personal trainer and help … Continue reading Meet Network Engineer Ismael

Not Your Average Plumber! Hear How He Beats Diabetes

Scott A. Talks With Drew Quick Stats: Full Name Scott A Age 36 Location Baltimore Md Occupation plumber Highest Education trade school Family 3 kids only see in summer and Christmas breaks Short Term Fitness Goals: lose diabetes Long Term Fitness Goals :keep away diabetes Who Inspires You and Why? Eddy at my gym he … Continue reading Not Your Average Plumber! Hear How He Beats Diabetes