No weights no problem, just need a little space to work in. Are you tired of not being able to workout because you don't have the money for a gym membership, or you don't have the money to buy equipment well look not further. Here are my top three exercises to build a solid strong … Continue reading TOP 3 MUSCLES BUILDING EXERCISES TO DO WITHOUT WEIGHTS !!



So lets face it if you've had one protein powder you've had them all. Well let me tell you thats completely wrong. I recently tried Redcon1' s Isotope  whey isolate and its killer. Great taste and mixes well with water or milk.  Add my discount Code to get an additional 10% off T10DrewC on all … Continue reading HONEST REVIEW OF REDCON1’S ISOTOPE

Time and Training

Training made simple There are 168 hours in a week. If you train during five of them, that leaves 163 hours to possibly undo anything you achieved in the gym, so how about giving at least a passing nod to eating right? I suggest that learning the basics of cooking – as simple as learning … Continue reading Time and Training

Eddie Horne

 Full Name- Eddie Horne Age-28 Location-Cleveland, Ohio Occupation-US Army Sniper 2006-2013 Highest Education-Currently in college finishing my Marketing Degree Awards-Soldier of the Year, Combat Infantryman Badge Short Term Fitness Goals- To get my weight back to 190lbs Long Term Fitness Goals- I would like to run a marathon, be featured in a major magazine representing … Continue reading Eddie Horne

Front Squats

When it comes to growing your legs you need to put in some serious work! Front Squats are one of my absolute hated because they make me so uncomfortable. But this  exercises is used  for building and developing the legs. Because of the positioning Front Squats force you to be in you are able to … Continue reading Front Squats

Clean Bulking

So what is the proper way to bulk should you eat everything insight or treat your bulk season as intricate as you do your maintaining phase or cutting phase. Okay now we all know the guy who uses every excuse during the bulk season to eat everything in their vicinity. There excuse is usually bro … Continue reading Clean Bulking