Time and Training

Training made simple There are 168 hours in a week. If you train during five of them, that leaves 163 hours to possibly undo anything you achieved in the gym, so how about giving at least a passing nod to eating right? I suggest that learning the basics of cooking – as simple as learning … Continue reading Time and Training


Why You Are Not Making Progress!

To Get Something You've Never Had Before You Must Be Willing To Do Something You Have Never Done Before Many people notice that they go through periods of their life when it is difficult and almost impossible to make any progress in regards to size or strength. In these periods it is important to keep … Continue reading Why You Are Not Making Progress!

Meet Network Engineer Ismael

Full Name:   Ismael Aguayo Nick Name :(Ish, Izzy) Current weight 169lbs Age: 23 Location: Sacramento, CA Occupation: Network Engineer Highest Education: Bachelor Degree (Computer Science) Short Term Fitness Goals: Compete in a natural bodybuilding competition and also fight in my first amateur fight. Long Term Fitness Goals: To eventually become a personal trainer and help … Continue reading Meet Network Engineer Ismael


  Being a Bodybuilder, a fitness model or a Cross Fitter takes a certain amount of dedication to say the least. Or as people are saying now "Its a Lifestyle", lets take that a part for a second is it a lifestyle or is it just a small part of their lives. BODY BUILDER now … Continue reading Lifestyle